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Hot Racing AFE404TTF 3 Cell Twin 40mm Twister Motor Cooling Fan Kit Arrma 1 / 5


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This is the Hot Racing Twin Twister Blower desigen to fit on Arrma heat sink ARA390296 wich comes with 1/5 Arrma
- Forced airflow over motor heat sink to increase cooling for improved efficiency and performance
- Twin Ball Bearing 40x40x28mm 7-blade fan
- CNC Solid 3mm Aluminum Mount for a solid foundation
- light weight graphite fan grill
- 7.2 to 12V in put voltage
- 24 AWG silicone wire
- One Twin Twister motor cooling system
- Installation
- Recommended to loosen fan screws during installation, then tighten again after installation. This will help minimize tweaking and binding the fan.
- Medium strength thread lock (blue threadlocking compound) on fan mount screws
- Ensure fan blades are protected
- This system uses a 7 to 12 v power souse best to run wire it to a separate battery or use a BEC.
- Fan Size:
- 12000RPM
- Input Voltage: 11.1V (12V max)
- Fits on ARA390296 heat sink
- Best Use A Separate power source (3 cell battery pack)
- Replacement Hot Racing 40x40x28mm fan is RAON404FP