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Hot Racing AON48E23 Direct Drive CNC Aluminum Servo Arm 23T


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This black anodized Aluminum 23T Servo Horn will provide a strong and secure connection from your vehicle Steering Servo to your Steering Linkages.
CNC 6061-T6 aluminum for efficient Direct Drive Steering Servo operation and increased rigidity.
1 x 23T Black Aluminum Servo Horn per pack
Arrma indicates this will work with:
Felony: BLX (ARA7617V2Tx)
Infraction: BLX (ARA109001, ARA7615V2Tx)
Kraton: BLX, ROLLER EXB (AR106005, AR106015, AR106018, AR106029, AR106031, ARA106040Tx, ARA106053)
Limitless: Roller (ARA109011)
Mojave: BLX, ROLLER EXB (ARA7604V2Tx, ARA7204)
Notorious: BLX (AR106034, AR106036, ARA106044Tx, ARA8611V5Tx)
Outcast: BLX, BLX 10YR (AR106021, AR106027, AR106032, AR106033, ARA106042Tx, ARA106060)
Senton: BLX (AR106007, AR102654, AR102673)
Talion: BLX (AR106003, AR106014, AR106030, AR106048)
Typhon: BLX (AR106001, AR106013, AR106028, ARA106046)