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Hot-Racing HSF10X07 17mm Flux Warlock Hex w/Serrated Nuts Sav Flux (New!)


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Hot Racing's 17mm hex wheel adapter set with +5mm hub extensions and serrated captured wheel nuts for the HPI Savage Flux HP, Savage XS SS, Savage XL, and Savage X vehicles. This set features an optional wheel support ring for specific use with the Warlock 17mm hex hub wheels. For use with the Warlock 17mm hex hub wheels, the slots in the wheel support ring engage the webbing on the back of the wheel to provide additional support to the wheel. For use with wheels besides the Warlock 17mm hex hub wheels, the support ring may be either flipped over or removed altogether, with no consequence to performance or vehicle track width. 
- CNC machined billet aluminum construction
- Purple and black anodizing for durability, corrosion resistance, and great looks
- 17mm wheel hex
- +5mm hub extensions (each side) for greater stability over any terrain
- Large serrated and captured aluminum wheel nuts with 17mm hex
- Six-slot wheel support reinforcement ring cups
- Hardened steel axle nuts fit inside hex hub to secure axle to hub. Axle nuts are tightened with included hex wrench. 
- Four (4) 17mm hex, +5mm hub adapters
- Four (4) six-slot reinforcement ring cups
- Four (4) serrated captured wheel nuts
- Four (4) axle nuts
- Four (4) axle pins
- One (1) hex wrench for axle nuts
- HPI Savage Flux HP, Savage XS SS, Savage XL, or Savage X vehicles
- 17mm hex driver for wheel nuts
- While the Warlock wheels are not required for this item, use of the optional six-slot support rings do require them. The current compatible 17mm hex hub wheels are HPI 3190, 3191, 3192, 3193, and 105801 (aftermarket wheels are not supported)
- Wheels not included