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Hot Racing

Hot Racing MXX10W01Aluminum +10mm 17mm Splined Hubs for TRX Maxx


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Hot Racing +10mm/side extended 17mm hex hub wheel adapters for the Traxxas 1/10 Maxx. These increase the track width of the vehicle to increase stability and replace the existing hexes so the vehicle can accept wheels with a Traxxas or other brand 17mm hex.
- +10mm hub extensions (each side) increase stability over terrain
- Black anodized CNC machined aluminum hub extensions
- Blue anodized CNC machined 17mm wheel nuts
- Rubber o-ringed wheel nuts help prevent wheel loosening
- Closed ends on wheel nuts protect against dirt and debris build-up in the axle or hub
- Hardened steel axle nuts fit inside hex hub to secure axle to hub. Axle nuts are tightened with included hex wrench.
- Four (4) 17mm hex hubs
- Four (4) 2.5x15mm pins
- Four (4) M5 barrel nuts
- One (1) 4mm hex wrench
- Installation
- Medium thread lock (e. g. blue Loctite) on wheel nuts and axle barrel nuts
- 17mm nut driver
- Wheels that accept a 17mm hex
- Offset from stock wheel hex: +10mm/side
- Hex: 17mm
- Replacement parts include, Hot Racing: RSYEX10X (M5 barrel nuts)
- Only works with stock Driveshafts