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Hot Racing

Hot-Racing SXTF485TR04 Aluminum Threaded Tele shock Scx24


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Hot Racing aluminum Tele Damper for the Axial SCX24, or other mini/micro crawler. These shocks are friction damped, requiring only a coating of tacky grease . The include a machined reservoir shock cap for realistic scale looks.
- Machined aluminum brass construction
- Telescopic design for maximum travel
- Threaded shock bodies for quick pre-load adjustments
- Tacky grease to help with smooth damping
- Scale-looking reservoir (non-functioning; for scale only)
- Three spring rates included
- Four (4) Tele shocks
- Four (4) soft springs (black)
- Four (4) Med Spring (Gold)
- Four (4) Firm springs (silver)
- Eight (8) M1.4x8 cap head screws
- A 0.05in, 1.3mm, or 1.4mm hex wrench for screws
-Use tacky grease or Silicone diff lub for a heavy coating.
- Extended length eye-to-eye: ~48.5mm
- Compressed length eye-to-eye: ~28.5mm
- Stroke: 20mm
- Spring Length 32mm 14 Turn (0.3, 0.35, 0.4)
- Replaces Axial AXI31612 SCX24 shock set
- Reservoir is non-functional
- Mount with wide flange outward to retain O-rings.