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Hot Racing TUDR404MHF Motor Sinksink Bearing end Cap with Blower Fan - UDR


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Hot Racing Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer Series motor heat sink Plus a Blower fan for use on Stock size 2200KV motors.

- Forced airflow over motor Bearing Cap heat sink to increase cooling for improved efficiency and performance
- Large 40x40x10.3mm 7-blade fan
- CNC Aluminum construction Motor Sinksink Bearing end Cap
- Replacment the Stock Plastic Bearing End Cap.
- Black anodized
- Laser etched Hot Racing insignia
- Keeps the motor running cooler
- Adapter with Traxxas-style connectors
- 24AWG and 12AWG silicone wire

- One (1) Motor heat sink bearing cap
- One (1) Electric motor quality ball bearing.
- One (1) Blower fan 40 x 40 mm
- One (1) Traxxas-style Adapter with 24AWG and 12AWG silicone wire

- Installation
- Some units may require assembly (1.5mm and 2mm hex wrench required)
- Electrical hook up with 11.1 (12VMAX DC power source)
- If Other Then Traxxas Plug will requires soldering

- Fan Size: 40x40x10.3mm
- Input Voltage: 11.1V (12V max)
- Fits motors with a can diameter of 1.6 inches (40mm)

- Replacement 40x40x10.3 mm cooling fan is Hot Racing MH4040F