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Hot Racing

Hot-Racing WRA8000X01 Aluminum Link Set Black Wraith/AX10 Ridegcrest


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Hot Racing's full set of black steering and suspension links with Red differential covers for the Axial Wraith and AX10 Ridgecrest vehicles
- Aluminum construction for ultimate durability
- Anodized black for durability, corrosion resistance, and great looks
- Steel chrome pivot balls with o-ring for EZ maintenance sockets provide smooth suspension articulation
- Two (2) aluminum differential covers
- One (1) aluminum steering tie rod
- One (1) aluminum steering drag link
- Two (2) aluminum front lower 4-link arms
- Two (2) aluminum rear lower 4-link arms
- Two (2) aluminum front upper 4-link arms
- Two (2) aluminum rear upper 4-link arms
- Eight (8) socket head cap screws for diff covers
- One (1) aluminum spacer
- One (1) button head cap screw
- Diff cover material thickness: ~0.75mm (0.03 inch)
- Servo drag link comes with plastic ball ends
- Fits the Axial Wraith vehicles and the AX10 Ridgecrest