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Hot-Racing XMX10X06 for Traxxas X-Maxx Aluminum 24mm Hex Hub Wheel Lock Set


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Hot Racings 24mm hex wheel adapter lock set Over size 25 mm serrated captured wheel nuts for X-maxx This set features an optional wheel support ring for specific use with the Traxxas X-Mass 24 hex hub stock wheels. the slots in the wheel support ring engage the webbing on the back of the wheel to provide additional support to the Stock wheel. 

- CNC machined billet aluminum construction

- Blue and black anodizing for durability, corrosion resistance, and great looks

- 24mm wheel hex

- Oversize Large serrated and captured aluminum wheel nuts with 25mm hex

- Six-slot wheel support reinforcement ring cups


- Four (4) 24mm hex, 

- Four (4) six-slot reinforcement ring cups

- Four (4) 25mm serrated captured wheel nuts

- 25 mm hex driver for wheel nuts