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Hot Racing

Hot-Racing XMX311X06 Aluminum Sway Bar Front/Rear X-Maxx


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Hot Racing's anti-sway bar (also known as anti-roll bar, sway-bar, or sway bar) set for the Traxxas X-Maxx series.
- designed for quick response, this system keeps torque twist and body lean to a minimum during acceleration and cornering
- three steel anti-roll bar tuning options, including: soft (silver), medium (blue), and firm (red)
- blue anodized aluminum links and center mount
- easy bolt-on application
- one (1) soft bar 2.6 mm (silver)
- one (1) medium bar 2.8 mm (blue)
- one (1) firm bar 3.00 mm(red)
- two (2) anti-sway bar links
- aluminum center mount
- mounting hardware kit
- this will only work with XMX55X01.
- installation onto vehicle
- recommended to use a removable-type locking adhesive on screws/setscrews and check tightness regularly

- you must install XMX55X01 to use this sway bar set.
- you can use this in the front or rear.